Designer Track Lighting

Designer track lighting such as gorgeous flex track lighting can be a stunning addition to your home lighting layout. With a liitle imagination and pre-planning you can use these delightful fixtures in most any room of your home.

Designers love track lighting as it so flexible in that it can go in rooms where space is limited in particular rooms that are narrow but in mostly any room of the home that you care to mention. Designer track lighting comes in all sorts of shapes from curved to straight and there is even a flexible version. 

Designer Track lighting

Pictured here are some lovely white track lights that work together well in this delightful living space. They throw out a good amount of light and as you can see go nicely with the decor in the room. Because they are so narrow they suit rooms of all shapes and sizes which is one reason why designers love them.

One of the aspects of this type of lighting that I like is that you can buy the track in different lengths so if say you wanted to increase the size or add more lights you can without any bother.

             Below are some of the models found in this range..

  • LED Track Lighting
  • Halogen Track Lighting
  • Monorail Lighting
  • Pendant Track Lighting

           Some of the available finishes..

  • Satin Silver
  • Polished Brass
  • Bronze
  • Brushed Aluminium
  • Gold
Designer Curved Track lighting

Designer curved track lighting as depicted above is kind of quirky looking but it is amazing how popular these lights are. Track lights can cover a wide area of a room as you can see which is a big advantage if say you only have one electrical point in the ceiling as they only need the one electrical point.

Installing Designer Track lighting

If you are good at DIY then installing this type of lighting is`nt too difficult a task. If you have any doubts whatsoever though I highly recommend that you employ the services of a qualified electrician to install ALL of your lighting fixtures.

Read through the manufacturers installation instructions carefully and reread them if necessary so that you avoid mistakes. Remember to turn of the electricity from the mains before undertaking any electrical work. A good tip is find some large pieces of card and write in big letters TURN OFF THE ELECTRICITY!  Then place the cards in plain view so that you can`t possibly make any mistakes in the way of electrocuting yourself by leaving the electricity on. It is vital that you use an electricity detector which detects whether electrical current is present before you commence work. 

If you have any doubts at all, as mentioned, do employ the services of a professional, qualified electrician to undertake the task for you. If you are going to install  the lighting fixture yourself follow the instructions to the letter and do check and double check that the mains electricity is switched off before commencing the installation.

Designer Track lighting

I like the look of this model, it is staggered which makes the most of ceiling space and illuminates quite a wide area. There are 6 lights which are halogen type but if the owner replaced them with LED`s he or she could probably reduce the energy costs dramatically.  Basically you could run 6 LED`s at under half the cost to run 6 halogens.

Question of Cost?

Small two to three light models can be picked up for under $100 but it is definitely a good idea to shop around if you are thinking of buying one of these models as prices can vary. Remember also that many online retailers often sell the same products but at varying price. For example retailer (a) might sell a track light for $175 but retailer (b) might sell the exact same track light for $125, so shop around if you want to get the best bargains.

Pendant Track Lighting

Pendant track lighting is commonly found in contemporary kitchens such as this delightful looking one. Kitchen island lighting such as this can often be the type that can be lowered and raised so that you can adjust the height of the lights which is very handy.

The thing I love best about modern kitchen lighting is that they are not in your face as it were, they are very modest as is the model depicted here. An obvious advantage of this type of track lighting is that the shades can be cleaned quite easily and the light bulbs can be changed without too much trouble also. With some  you can buy new shades at  a later date if you want to upgrade them which is another aspect I like about these delightful fixtures.

The obvious fixture types to use as designer track lighting are flex track lighting (short for flexible track Lighting) and also Monorail Track Lighting. These models can be manipulated in to shape, curved around, bent up or down etc and come in a variety of impressive colors and finishes and also sizes. There is a certain limit to what you can do with them though. You you must not over-bend them for example but they are quite easy to bend into shape.

                             One Final Advantage..

One final excellent point about designer track lighting that the heads are interchangeable, so that you can quickly change the look of your fixture by replacing the heads with different shaped or different colored ones.

This is excellent for any design element because it gives more options to you and allows you to add even more of your own style and mark to your lighting scheme. Don`t be afraid to experiment and I am sure you will be delighted and whatsmore probably amazed at the outcome;-).

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